List of Beneficiaries

University of Navarra, Spain (1 PhD position offer at Clinical Immunology department. Supervisor: Dr. Ignacio Melero. He is a full professor of Immunology at the University of Navarra and teaches in undergraduate and master degree courses. His experience as a Ph.D. thesis supervisor goes back to 1997.Dr. Melero has clinical and translational duties, including being the principal investigator in 12 currently ongoing cancer immunotherapy clinical trials. More information at:

The University of Edinburgh, UK (1 PhD position offer at IIIR / SBS department) Supervisor: Dr. Dietmar Zaiss. As group leader, Dr. Zaiss had more than 8 years experience in the supervision of 8 graduate students and successfully co-supervised four Ph.D. students. Since 2013, he holds a tenured Faculty position at the University of Edinburgh and is Chancellor’s Fellow. He currently supervises two Ph.D. students (one male one female) and several graduate students. More information at:

ADURO Biotech Europe BV, Netherland (2 PhD possition offers). Supervisor: Andrea van Elsas became Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) in September 2017, following his tenure as Chief Scientific Officer of Aduro Biotech Europe since November 2015. Prior to its acquisition by Aduro in 2015, Dr. Andrea van Elsas co-founded BioNovion and served as Chief Scientific Officer focusing on the development of innovative therapeutic antibodies in the field of immune oncology. From 1999 to 2011, he held numerous positions at Organon in Oss, The Netherlands, and Cambridge, Massachusetts (acquired by Schering-Plough Corporation in 2007 and later by Merck & Co.), and as the Director of Tumor Immunology he ran the immune oncology portfolio including the program that later became known as pembrolizumab. As a postdoctoral researcher from 1997-1999, Andrea worked at the University of California, Berkeley, studying antibodies blocking CTLA-4 for the treatment of cancer and is a co-inventor on the original patents that formed the basis for the development of Yervoy® (ipilimumab), the first checkpoint inhibitor approved in 2011 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of melanoma. More information at:

Center for Applied Medical Research – FIMA, Spain (1 PhD position offer at Program of Immunology and Immunotherapy). Supervisor: Dr. Pedro Berraondo. He completed his Pharm.D. in Pharmacy at the University of Navarra in 1999 and earned his PhD in drug design, synthesis, and evaluation from the University of Navarra in 2004. Dr. Berraondo carried out postdoctoral research at the Institut Pasteur in Paris. In 2007, he joined the program of Immunology and immunotherapy at the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA). Four Ph.D. students of either gender have been supervised by Pedro Berraondo and currently three graduate students are under his supervision. More information at:

Oncology and hematology clinical research institute